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LifeSTAR Alberta is a sex addiction counselling Calgary program designed to help and treat individuals, couples.

In the modern day and age with the advancement of technology almost everything is just one click away within the comfort of your home. With the evolution of technology, the evolution of internet took place which brought a vast change in the society or culture. Internet has been a boon in many ways and is definitely the next step in the ongoing development in every aspect whatsoever. However, just like every coin has two sides, a heads and a tail, similarly this is the case with internet as well.

Internet brings so many positive things to the society, but there are negative things too. One such negative can be said as pornography rate increment in the modern society. Porn viewing has increased tremendously over the past years. This has lead to addiction of pornography and other sexual addictions. To define pornography and sexual addiction in simple words it can refer to any individualís behavior that is done in excess to a point where this startís affecting an individualís life both on a personal and professional level.

In the present society there are many treatment centers and programs which can help with the treatment of such addictions. One such treatment center is LifeSTAR Alberta. LifeSTAR Alberta is a sex addiction counselling Calgary program designed to help and treat individuals, couples, partners who are affected by pornography or other sexual addictions. LifeSTAR Alberta believes in following a structured path and taking the participants through a designed program gently to recovery.

LifeSTAR Alberta porn addiction counselling Calgary program is run by therapists who have specialized training in treating participants with porn addiction or other sexual addictions. With the LifeSTAR Alberta porn addiction and sex addiction counseling program importance is given to group therapy, treatment plans, support networks and many other related to a complete treatment that leads back again to a healthy lifestyle. If you are someone who is affected with pornography addiction or other sexual compulsive behaviors; or if your partner is affected with such addictions then LifeSTAR Alberta Calgary and Edmonton program can be the answer to solving all your pornography and sexual addiction related problems.

About LifeSTAR Alberta

LifeSTAR Alberta sex addiction counselling Edmonton and Calgary program is a three phased structured program that helps individuals, or couples, or partners with healing the problems of pornography and sexual addiction, also helping in making a recovery back to the healthy lifestyle. At LifeSTAR Alberta nobody is judged and all are treated with equality. For more information, visit


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