Vietnam Art Books -- Memories of countryside and past on display in HaNoi

Memories of countryside and past on display in HaNoi

Circle of Life,
etching by Ngo Chinh
HA NOI ó Two local artists with very different backgrounds have joined together to put on an exhibition in Ha Noi that reflects the peaceful beauty of Viet Namís countryside.

The older of the two artists, Ngo Chinh draws a great deal of his inspiration from his long stint in the army. He has previously held a number of exhibitions in Viet Nam and abroad.

His contributions to the exhibition include paintings on canvas, lacquer works and etchings.

Whether portraying an animal, a rural sunrise, a young girl selling wine at a country market or a fleet of boats at sea, his works all have an intensity that leaves a strong impression on audiences.

Through his use of striking hot colours and images reminiscent of classical Vietnamese sculptures, Chinh says he hopes to capture the longing for the past that many members of older generations feel.

"He seems to send the audience to some remote area of his memory, which can only be accessed by viewing his abstract works," says Nguyen Do Bao, general secretary of the Ha Noi Fine Arts Association.

At only 31 years-of-age, Dang Dinh Ngo is much younger than his exhibition partner.

His oil on canvas paintings feature peaceful countryside scenes, with flying storks and bamboo trees reflected on the surfaces of still ponds.

"I was born in a country village in Hai Duong Province," says Ngo, "and the images of my childhood there remain with me now even though I have moved to a busy urban area."

"Thatís why I want to recreate these scenes in my present works, as a way to escape from the hustle and bustle."

The use of cold colours, mainly blues, greens and yellows, creates an atmosphere of freshness and open space in his works.

The joint exhibition will run until June 13 at the Exhibition House, 16 Ngo Quyen Street. ó VNS

Reprinted with permission from VietNam News Agency


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