Vietnam Art Books -- Artist LeBaDang plans ‘Painted Tree Garden’ in Quang Tri (June 18, 2003)

Artist LeBaDang plans ‘Painted Tree Garden’ in Quang Tri (June 18, 2003)

Talented overseas Vietnamese painter Le Ba Dang is working out a plan of ‘Putting Dresses on the Trees’ in his garden in Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri central province. This is a form of art for trees with available materials. His plan, which has recently been completed in his family’s garden in Paris, is a new kind of art and full of the unique expression artist Dang.

Painter Le Ba Dang.

He has created a new genre of fine art attached to nature, a concept of art penetrating into all of his artistic activities. The artist hangs on the trees simple materials such as steel or rattan wires, dry twigs, dry leaves or coloured cloth to create a new sense of beauty. Painter Dang said a tree with “new clothes” can become an artwork. This also expresses the harmony between people and trees and, particularly, love for nature.

According to him, this ‘painting’ is suitable in festivals of villages, localities and the country at large. At the age of over 80, artist Ba Dang is full of enthusiasm for his new project and said he would be ready to help any locality with the implementation of ‘Putting Dresses on Trees’ if they wish.

Mr Dang is planning a trip to his homeland in Quang Tri province to realise the project in his large garden this year. A book on his new project has recently been published in Paris. The artist said he hoped that one day, all the Vietnamese people would together put “clothes” on trees so “we will have a beautiful and long painting, like Vietnam.”

Painter Le Ba Dang was born in 1921. He went to France in 1939, learnt at the Toulouse Institute of Art and became a renowned painter in Europe. He was presented prizes from the Saint - Louis International Institute of the US in 1989 and ‘French Art and Culture Medal’ from the French State in 1994.

Le Ba Dang has created a huge collection of works including 500 paintings named ‘Undaunted Landscape’ featuring the legendary Truong Son trail. He comes back to the country regularly and his most recent visit was made last year to join the Hue Festival with a very impressive painting exhibition.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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