Vietnam Art Books -- The “Emotion from the sea”
Exhibition at Blue Space Gallery

The “Emotion from the sea”
Exhibition at Blue Space Gallery

Paintings from a recent workshop of 10 women artists are now on display at the Blue Space Gallery in HCMC until May 17, 2002. The Blue Space Art Center had sponsored a two weeks workshop for 10 women artists in Phu Quoc Island. The workshop took place from April 17 to May 2.

The theme of the exhibit is "Emotion from the sea" to symbolize all the beautiful feelings and experiences that had affected the artists' memories. “This is the first time the Women Artist club had an activity like this, they are very happy with the results and hope to make it a n annual event” Said Mrs. Huyen Nga, Blue Space Director.

Vietnamese women artists don't usually have the condition to go out and do their own thing. Blue Space Gallery has taken the initiative to encourage women artists create and improve their artistic career. The workshop provided a form for the group to share their experiences of working with different styles and across a range of generations. Participant’s age varied from 27 to 67 years.

Participating artists:

Ms. Ta kim Dung
Ms. Le T. Hien Luong
Ms. Ly Hoang Ly
Ms. Nguyen Thanh Mai
Ms. Vo Ngoc Phuong
Ms. Le Thi Sam
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tam
Ms. Nguyen Bich Tram
Ms. Le Thi Vinh



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