Vietnam Art Books -- Artists perform in America and Europe (July 23, 2003)

Artists perform in America and Europe (July 23, 2003)

*A pantomime and dance team from the Youth Theatre will make a performing tour of Canada next month. The team, together with artists from the Canadian states of Quebec and Acadia, will perform a drama entitled "Revival" directed by Canadian Christian Lapointe.

* Thu Lan, a dancer from the Vietnam Opera and Music Theatre, will leave Hanoi on Saturday for the Modern Dance Festival in the United States.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, a student from the Hanoi Conservatoire's Accordion Faculty, will attend the eighth International Music Festival in Russia.

*Ten artists from the Hanoi Conservatoire and the Vietnam Music Theatre took a performing tour of France and the United Kingdom. The group played traditional musical instruments such as the bamboo flute, monochord and T'rung, an instrument similar to a xylophone, for local audiences.

Reprinted from VOV News


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