Vietnam Art Books -- Vietnamese water puppets make big splash in Prague

Vietnamese water puppets make big splash in Prague

HA NOI ó The water puppets of Viet Nam have triumphed in Prague, where the little lacquered water buffaloes and fire-breathing dragons have won first at the sixth International Puppetry Festival.

Puppeteers from the Central Puppetry Theatreís water puppet troupe were also awarded the honour cup for the most outstanding traditional puppetry troupe, an award usually claimed by the Chinese team in the past.

Viet Namís water puppeteers competed against puppetry troupes from 24 countries, after they had been selected from among 150 troupes from over 100 countries.

According to the troupeís puppeteers, the Vietnamese water puppets were seen to be putting in a distinguished performance with a distinct national flavour and a high degree of professionalism.

The Vietnamese team was therefore asked to put on six performances instead of just one during the week-long festival.

The success of the water puppets bodes well for Viet Namís bid to have UNESCO recognise traditional water puppetry as World Cultural Heritage. ó VNS

Reprinted with permission from VietNam News Agency.


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