Vietnam Art Books -- Cham people hold last feast to end Roya season in An Giang (December 11, 2003)

Cham people hold last feast to end Roya season in An Giang (December 11, 2003)

On Friday, the cultural acitivities commemorating the people's traditional Roya festival closed in Cham village, in An Giang province after three days of hustle and bustle.

Following the Roya season marked by the greatest prosperity the locals have everseen, the Cham in this fertile land upstream of the Hau River were indulging in the entertaining sounds of folk music and the baranung drum. It can be said that the festival this year is a turning point in the spiritual life of local Cham people.

There were nine art troupes including 270 artists, amateurs and professionals from nine Cham inhabited villages throughout the province. They had all made careful preparations for the event from artist selection, costume tailoring to planning performance.

The floating stage was colourfully decorated on Binh Thien Lake near the Vietnam-Cambodia border and adjacent to three Cham-inhabited communes.

Besides folk songs, Cham artists displayed their traditional costumes and wedding practices.

Also at the festival, visitors enjoyed local Cham specialties such as great curry and rice-noodle soup prepared from river fish.

Through the festival, An Giang introduced the province's potential for the development of its tourism industry and border economy. In addition to trips to Cham villages, visitors could experience the fresh air of Binh Thien Lake whose water is a green colour year round and visit the 500-year-old banyan tree, B3 Revolutionary Base and Khanh Binh Border Market.

An Giang has nine communes inhabited by 13,600 Cham whose lives see significant improvements with every passing day. (VNA)

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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