Vietnam Art Books -- Camp gathers sculptors from home and abroad (December 16, 2003)

Camp gathers sculptors from home and abroad (December 16, 2003)

The fourth Vietnam international sculpture creation camp named ‘An Giang Imprint 2003?concluded last night, December 10 in Chau Doc town, An Giang southern province.

More than 40 sculptural works of 36 sculptors at home and abroad joined the camp which started on October 29 to help viewers have a deeper feeling about the beauty of the land and people of Vietnam.

Held in a 5,000 square metre area in Sam mountain, An Giang camp was a chance for domestic sculptors and 20 foreign sculptors to introduce ‘their spiritual children?with their colleagues and exchange their experiences with each other.

A sculptor from Canada, Mr Jock Hildebrand, was very pleased with his work featuring a sail and a fish on the river. The work was inspired by a story of fishermen on Hau river where he visited before.

A woman sculptor from France, Laury Dizengremel gathered up all her sentiments for a border area in the upstream Mekong River delta in her work depicting a pair of chopsticks and a bowl. The bowl is divided into two parts with two cheerful faces of a man and a woman as an invitation for all tourists to come to this abundant area.

While foreigners were inspired by the nature and people, most Vietnamese sculptors turned their attentions to the history of defence and national construction of the country. The statues ‘Huyen thoai mot vung dat?(A Legend on an Area) and ‘Bai ca nguoi mo coi?(The Song of Country’s Founders), which tell about the legend of heaven and earth creation of Vietnamese people of sculptor Le Phuc from Ho Chi Minh City, dominated. Though the theme is not new, his approach won high appreciation of foreign sculptors.

Young sculptor Nguyen The De from Vinh Long province joined the camp with his work ‘Nguyen cau?(Praying). The statue, with two palms pressed together creating a heart shape, carries a message on the longing for peace to all people in the world.

Mr Ly Van Nhien, People’s Committee chairman of Chau Doc town said they decided to reserve an area in Sam Mountain tourism site to build a sculpture garden to better serve visitors to the area.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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