Vietnam Art Books -- Children paint their highland home (February 03, 2004)

Children paint their highland home (February 03, 2004)

Children in Dak Lak, a Central Highlands province, have long enjoyed the unique beauty of their homeland with forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, festivals and architecture. Now, with a little encouragement, more and more of them are expressing their feelings on canvas.

Local authorities have paid attention to children’s centres, cultural houses and schools to help the children develop their aptitude. Teaching painting has been a key activity for all clubs in Dak Lak.

Dak Lak Children’s Cultural House regularly opens painting courses for the children and has set up a painting club for Children. From this, those who have shown painting talent will be discovered and trained.

Since 1998, the children taking part in painting courses in summer have increased sharply, from 200 to 300 and 500 last year. The Children’s painting club has also expanded its membership.

The provincial education sector has also paid attention to teaching painting in schools. The number of painting teachers in primary schools has increased yearly.

Dak Lak children have joined many provincial or national painting contests namely ‘The Dream House,’ ‘Environmental Hygiene,’ ‘Transport safety,’ ‘World House,’ ‘We children with SEA Games,’ etc. Hundreds of painting from Dak Lak have been sent to these contests and many of them have won prizes. The number of national prizes increases yearly.

In 2001, Dak Lak children won one second team prize, one third individual prize and four other smaller prizes in two painting contests: ‘I Want to Live in Safety’ and ‘A Dream of the World of Tomorrow.’ In 2002, all three children-painters taking part in the painting contest ‘A dream of my world’ Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang, Le Thi Ngoc Ha and Huynh Ngoc Huynh Anh won prizes. Last year, Dak Lak organized a contest ‘Central Highlands Colour.’ Hundreds of paintings were sent to the contest and 62 of them were chosen to be displayed at the provincial Children’s Cultural House. Many paintings were spoken highly of for the children’s creativity such as ‘Central Highlands Village’ by Tran Duc Thanh, ‘Festival’ by Ho Thuy Phuong or ‘Central Highlands Colour’ by Bui Thi Thu Hien.

Dak Lak children are showing their talent and creativity. Their spiritual life is being well taken care of so that children in a Central Highlands province can enjoy life like those in major cultural centres of the country.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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