Vietnam Art Books -- Two brothers' oil paintings displayed

Two brothers' oil paintings displayed

'Still-life,' oil painting by Kong Ngoan
Forty oil paintings of two brothers Dang Cong Ngoan and Dang Kong Ngoan are being displayed at the No 16 Ngo Quyen street art gallery, Hanoi.

The joint exhibition covers the brothers' works from the past three years, displaying their distinctive creativity. Cong Ngoan's paintings mainly look back to the past, using dark colours. His works feature historical relics, activities of villages, sculpture of the Central Highlands region and memories of the past, glorious war. Notably, his paintings named 'My Son II,' 'Saint Giong' and 'Coming Back' have impressed viewers a great deal.

Meanwhile, Kong Ngoan's paintings incline toward the present with bright and contrasting colours. Nature and people in Kong Ngoan's paintings are ordinary but bear deep implication, particularly expressed in 'Country,' 'The Sun' and 'Still-life'.

Both brothers are members of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Cong Ngoan is now working at the Ministry of Culture and Information while Kong Ngoan is working at Nhan Dan (People) newspaper.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper.


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