Vietnam Art Books -- Vietnamese encyclopedia to be published this year (February 13, 2004)

Vietnamese encyclopedia to be published this year (February 13, 2004)

An encyclopedia about Vietnam and its people would be completed and published this year, the head of the National Guidance Board said.

Professor Ha Hoc Trac said the book contained four major sections on Vietnam's history, economy, culture, and science and technology achievements.

"Local and foreigners, particularly scientists, researchers and students, will find the book useful," said Mr Trac.

Many researchers, scientists and collectors throughout the country have worked on the project.

Mr Trac and his staff and compiling another 23-book encyclopedia, which will feature 40 different fields, including science, literature and the arts.

"The 30,000-entry book will focus on the great achievements of Vietnam and the world. We are receiving many ideas and help from organisations, offices and individuals around the country," he said.

Mr Trac said the government spent VND 50 billion (US $3.2 million) to make the encyclopedia, which is expected to be published in 2010.

The first three books of the series - the Geology Encyclopedia, the Vietnam Geography Encyclopedia and the Physics and Astronomy Encyclopedia will be published at the end of 2005. (VNS)

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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