Vietnam Art Books -- 1,200 ancient artefacts found in single province (February 22, 2004)

1,200 ancient artefacts found in single province (February 22, 2004)

The central coastal province of Phu Yen has over the past five years discovered 1,216 ancient artefacts of high archaeological value in addition to a number of ethnic and historic assets.

Among the findings were a set of stone string musical instruments, a set of stone pan-pipes of the pre-historic age, five bronze drums of the Dong Son Civilisation dating back 2,000 years, and 1,009 kilograms of ancient coins.

A number of archaeological sites such as the Thanh Ho (the Ho dynasty's citadel) are also under excavation.

A series of research projects have been conducted to collect and restore 63 epics of the Ede, Bana and Cham ethnic minorities in the province. In addition, eight intangible cultural assets of these ethnic communities such as the buffalo-fighting festival of the Bana and the house-warming ceremony of the Ede have also been put under intensive study for restoration.

The provincial administration has spent tens of billions of VND in restoring and upgrading projects of cultural and historic interest such as the tomb and temple dedicated to Le Thanh Phuong. (VNA)

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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