Vietnam Art Books -- HCM City gallery opens window to life in Viet Namís rural landscapes

HCM City gallery opens window to life in Viet Namís rural landscapes

A Red Bicycle, gouache on paper by Nguyen The Cuong.
HCM CITY ó The colours and scenes of central Viet Namís countryside have come to HCM City through an exhibition of 22 gouache paintings by the artist Nguyen The Cuong.

The artistís Tropical Colours exhibition at the Tu Do Gallery transports visitors to the everyday world or rural people, of wind of sunlight, much like the central region of Viet Namís environment.

The artistic world he creates is free of modern technology, and focuses on the profane objects of countrysiders: wooden and palm houses, bamboo doors, trees, flowers and ancient street corners.

Cuong prefers the hand-made, natural, rough, crude and imperfect to the mass-manufactured objects of contemporary urban life, as reflected in the title of his works: A Red Bicycle, An Immense Peace, Dry Season, Night Village and so on.

A breathtaking atmosphere and peaceful scenery contrast strongly with the depressing, sorrowful colours that are the true appeal of the artistís work.

Hot colours like dark blue, brown, grey, orange and yellow are the key colours in his paintings, and he skilfully mixes them to represent the nature and people of the tropical region.

His works evoke both plaintive and joyful emotions in art-lovers. The colour of the sky changes regularly in his paintings, and can be simultaneously bright and dark, overcast or bright like the onset of a light fever.

"Everyone lives in their own house, but Cuong does not depict nature or the cosy interiors of our homes. Instead, he paints the link between our homes, ourselves, nature and people," art critic Nguyen Quan said.

Cuong was born in Hai Phong but eventually settled down in HCM City after graduating from the Ha Noi College of Fine Art in 1982.

The artistís works have been shown in joint exhibitions at home and abroad, and appear in private collections in Viet Nam and in countries such as England, Canada, Germany, Australia, Korea and Japan.

His solo exhibition through this Sunday, at the Tu Do Gallery, 53 Ho Tung Mau Street, in District 1

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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