Vietnam Art Books -- Australian artist helps preserve Vietnam's famous painting (April 18, 2004)

Australian artist helps preserve Vietnam's famous painting (April 18, 2004)

Tran Van Can, 'Em Thuy'
One of Vietnam's famous paintings by the late celebrated painter Tran Van Can, "Em Thuy" (Sister Thuy), is being restored by Caroline Fry, an Australian artist and expert in art preservation.

Caroline is working under a project between the Vietnam Art Museum and ASIA-Link, Melbourne University of Australia.

To work on the restoration of this painting, which was painted in 1943, Caroline has studied the materials making up the picture, its expressions and ideas, its history and the painter's biography. She said she could feel the significance of the painting although the project is small it shows an in-depth exchange of art research between the two sides.

Arriving in Vietnam on a trip two years ago, Caroline thought she should come back here to work. "At that time, I phoned a friend of mine in the US, urging her to come to Vietnam."

She said the painting has daunted her since she first saw it. Although the oil painting was painted in the French impressionist style, it has an oriental spirit. She said "I want to hold the girl in the painting in my arms to protect her."

Reprinted from VOV News


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