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Vietnam modern art exhibition in Melbourne, Australia

Redsoil it was the title of the exhibition of paintings and statues by seven Vietnamese painters: Trinh Sinh Nha, Pham Kim Binh, Cao Quy, Nguyen Van Cuong, Van Thuyet, Trang Thanh Hien and Pham Ha Hai.
Opened from 12 June to 22 June 2002 at Victoria-Melbourne Art University, the exhibition was co-organized by the University, the Viet-Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Collector Nguyen Manh Phuc (The gioi gallery).
The 47 selected works on display were oil and lacquer paintings, paintings on do paper, woodcarvings, and stone and bronze statues.
The exhibition introduces the Australian people and foreigners to the continuous development of the Vietnam modern art through adeptly combining the Western modern art and the new traditionally Vietnamese expressions.
The exhibition was the chance for the artists of the two countries to exchange with, and learn from each other, which is a new source of inspirations for their creations.
This is also the first exchange exhibition, setting a precedent for further exchanges between Vietnam and Australia in this field.
Part of the proceeds from the sales of the exhibits went to the Australian Fund to help the patients blind from cataract at the Thanh Hoa Hospital.

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