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Art Galleries in HaNoi

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Thang Long Gallery
15 Hang Gai St., HaNoi
Tel: 84-4-825-0740

Thanh Mai
64 Hang Gai St., Hanoi
Tel: 84-4-825-1618
Fax: 84-4-828-7304

Toserco Gallery
36 Le Thai To St., HaNoi
Tel: 84-4-826-7634, 84-4-828-9844

Tonkin Gallery
24 Trang Tien St.,
and 47 Hang Hom St., HaNoi
Tel: 84-4-824-2017, 84-4-828-7742
Director: Khac Dung

Van Gallery
25-27 Trang Tien St., HaNoi
Fax: 84-4-934-6197
Director: Tran Thu Ha

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